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Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski: a zen or contemporary decor?

In terms of interiors, be aware that the foundations have the power to determine the style of your decor. In this sense, Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski allow you to create two well-marked Deco with its collection of foundations with which you can choose between a zen or contemporary decor. Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski: Trunk line for a deco zen.
Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski have a particular expertise in creating objects to the style shifted. While their entire collection bears the signature. That said, each row has a strong personality for a particular decoration. If you’ve long been seeking to create in your home decor zen without knowing how, here’s a simple idea and very effective to reach your goals. Everything is installed in any corner of your house one or more stools line Trunk Collection foundation. An ethereal bed Bedroom Furniture Design bedroom interior design – different living world trends for the bedroom Zen clean style

Zen clean style

Why choose a Trunk decorating zen? Just because this line offers a range of cylindrical stools have a finish oak raw on top. This set-form finish suggests just the nature. In addition, each stool is wrapped tin on which the two designers have printed patterns inspired by nature. And to mark the side of Zen, Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski chose trees as their reasons, trees that stand in original with their roots. That said, Trunks stools are also available in solid colors: chrome, white or other, but always with the raw oak finish. living room – cool design rotary chairs and comfortable sofas living room – space for the typical living room items living room and relaxed atmosphere

Zen living room

Zen living room

Bone-bone of Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski for a contemporary decor.
A talented designer must be able to vary her designs all while maintaining its signature. So if you’re not too fond of Zen decor, you can count on Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski to offer a different atmosphere for your interior. So if you aspire to a contemporary decor, you just install the wheelchair in a room of Bone-bone Agata Kulik, Pawel Pomorski. living room interior – fabrics, patterns and colors living room interior design – pure design and modern technology living room interior design – accessories Zen harmony

Zen harmony

The shape of this chair is somewhat surprising. Indeed, as its name suggests, Bone-bone took the form of a giant bone. In addition to aesthetics, Bone-bone is very comfortable, the seat located at the curved portion of the bone.┬áBut in addition to the form, the modern side is mainly suggested by the patterns and the finish of the chair. Bone-bone offers the elegance of a kaleidoscopic ornament striped bicolor and lacquered finish the set. living room interior design – luxury furniture living room interior design – multifunctional furniture living room interior design – new modular system Zen decor

Zen decor

Moreover, with Bone-bone, you have the choice of colors: black and white, black and green or black and red. But whatever your choice, be sure to get a modern design and urban design through these foundations and contemporary. So if you want to revisit your inner, the trick is to integrate Bone-bones in the decor to transform it into a single gesture. living room interior design – sofas and tables living room interior design – styling and natural materials living room interior design – woven furniture Modern Minimalist Living Room Designs

Modern Minimalist Living Room Designs

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