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Renovation of a penthouse in Barcelona

The penthouse WAS Espa?ol Bought by couple to enjoy an occasional Their trips to Spain. The challenge to transform the Former WAS office space with a privileged location in Plaza de Catalunya, in a weekend apartment with the amenities of a luxury hotel Expected.The design has sought to detail That Would always find the perfect apartment with large storage space, indoors Preferably, where ‘Everything Had STI place. 3D wall panels A crib, a number of decorations A versatile kitchen Modern decoration

Modern decoration

The result is a comfortable and sophisticated with all the Technological advancements in safety, automation, audio, video or climate.Being a small flat and elongated, have tried to Eliminate the boundaries of space by Replacing the partitions by moving parts, a visual journey Allowing unlimited, and at the Same Time Increasing the Functionality of Each area.The core of the housing is Formed by a continuous piece of furniture made of wood stained elm That SERVES as Reinforcing the longitunalidad and Acts as the separator entre public and private areas. Applying feng shui in the kitchen Balance through Feng Shui Bathroom and kitchen decoration

Simple stylish furniture

Simple stylish furniture

This furniture longitudinal housing runs from the kitchen to the master bedroom on one side and from the child’s bedroom to master bath on the Other Side. The cabinet hides the large kitchen appliances, delivery and removable piano room, hall wardrobe, audio equipment and video games , the closets of the bedrooms and main bathroom television. bathroom interior design – Thanks to the innovative cartridge Carpets, curtains and pictures Children’s Furniture Innovative decor idea

Innovative decor idea

The layout of the kitchen has Been Designed Primarily as a social point of space and as head of the environment, so the concept of cooking varies from That of Other dwellings, it Should Be raised from the general concept of space and Not From the general idea kitchen. Is arranged on one end of space, and form a joint front wall and an island.The furniture is made of extra modules wide, with fronts Without handles and countertops and backsplashes in sandstone and waxed. The whole has a modulation and a three-dimensional game of Significant outstanding features in perspective. Children’s Furniture: strength and imagination Children’s room decoration Christmas decorations with newspapers Elegant decoration

Elegant decoration

The furniture in the rest of the house is made of Dm and painted ivory in the Same tone walls, so as Not overshadow the main parts. In the master bedroom furniture ivory houses to large storage area and recessed television. At the Same time server to open the correct angle in the corner of the bedroom.The house has a system of circulating hot water to Ensure Immediate departure of the hot water on demand. furthermore the water supply is filtered by a softening equipment to remove the lime content and Disadvantages Avoid STIs as stains on glass or fittings.All electrical equipment and components in the attic Are connected to a central home automation as EIB European standard, expandable and reprogrammed at will. Decorative vinyls Design ideas for small apartments Domain furniture wooden bed Sma Great decoration idea

Great decoration idea

Two Are touch screens central control interface to all components by a system Regulated That Can Be Observed and adjusted from Any phone, PDA or computer, can Perform Any action in the distance.The project has Been Carried out by YLAB: Yuste Laarmann Bcna Architects, an architecture of Spanish-German origin. After Extensive experience working with Major International Such studies as Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Norman Foster and Jean Nouvel, YLAB Moved to Spain and Found His studio in Barcelona in 2003. Since Then YLAB working on the design, management and housing Reform and new buildings.

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