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Sensual Furniture

If you want to know what a sensual furniture, familiar with the amazing collection of furniture and provocative sensual offering of famous designer Chantal Thomass, to give a tinge of passion in your home. Angular: furniture and glass CART Bamboo Baby bed design Beds: When simplicity is elegance Luxury sensual bathroom furniture

Luxury sensual bathroom furniture

Chantal Thomass, called the Grande Dame of French lingerie, has created a series of moving parts to create an atmosphere of air fantasia.A vintage collection, with charm, sophistication and femininity. Furniture design in blue color Home library designs Medieval furniture

Inspiration sensul hotel furniture

Inspiration sensul hotel furniture

Creation of a real seduction. A range of furniture that look completely different from the elegant pearl gray to pale pink. Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Tables of recyclable materials Ultra beautiful sensual bedroom

Ultra beautiful sensual bedroom

Chantal Thomass aesthetics of light in hairdressing salons, sofas, comfortable and poufs. Using materials such as lacquered wood, soft and sensual fabrics like velvet or bright colored fabrics inspired lace lingerie and decorated with ribbons of your corset. Original stool design Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Unique feminine chairs design

Unique feminine chairs design

For example, “Puffs Corset” in the collection are lacquered in white, silver and pink and recall situation and form of the corset. Comfortable under the name “Dentelle” is engraved on a black background and silver lace. Splendid “boudoir Sofia is bright pink velvet and black lacquered legs. Furniture beetle Furniture design in blue color Home library designs Exclusive vibrating chair

Exclusive vibrating chair

The “Comfortable Corset” project is in its brass handles are lacquered in pink and soft. The values of these elements have a range from 600 ? to 3200 ? depending on mobiliario.Definitivamente decor of this class is very suggestive, and aims to become a tonne for every room in the house.

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